MSNBC, CNN Hop Democratic Wave


There's lots of buzz in the

cable TV world that havingDemocrats running Congresswill hurt Fox and helpMSNBC and CNN. It certainly looked like that electionnight when CNN won thekey viewership demographicof 25-to-54-year-olds."We're clearly the place togo for information," CNNboss Jon Klein tells us."Maybe the trick is that youhave to actually cover politics.The public seems to bein the mood for facts and information--not cheerleading."MSNBC, No. 3 butsurging, also crowed:"MSNBC is the place for politics."So what about Fox? Itsimply turned to the numbers.And they show thatFox is still No. 1, with its audiencegrowing. "We'll letthe two cable news alsoransbattle for second place,and we wish Jon and[MSNBC] well on theirquest for relevancy," says anamused Foxie.