Why 'Macaca' Is a Good Word

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At the risk of angering everybody happy to see another election season fizzle out, here's an idea for a new constitutional amendment: Hold midterm elections every year. That's right, instead of electing the House and a third of the Senate every two years, split it up so we have elections every year. And here's why: It will greatly help to weed out all the dopey presidential candidates who make stupid comments on the campaign trail. And it will also show some of those White House hopefuls who think that they can get away with just a little travel and fundraising just how hard it is to run for president.

Just consider how it worked this year. Of the nearly two dozen candidates thinking of running for president in 2008, one dropped out and two were effectively scrubbed from the list. Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner pulled out, citing the hardship of campaigning, though many think something else drove him from the spotlight. Then Virginia Republican Sen. George Allen tripped over the "macaca" slur and his Jewish roots. Bye-bye, said the national pundits.

And finally, how about Sen. John Kerry's suggestion that troops aren't so bright? At that rate, if we had yearly elections, we could trim the presidential candidates down to a handful by the Iowa caucus in 2008.