When Capture and Trial Aren't Enough

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Here's a rare chance to help write a new book and humiliate Enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden. World Ahead Publishing tells our Suzi Parker that it's collecting ideas for 101 Uses for Osama bin Laden. Until November 12, the conservative publisher is soliciting your ideas at usesforosama.com. While hounding him militarily is the Pentagon's job, says the firm, "doling out the humiliation he so richly deserves, well, that's our job," adds the publisher. "The flea-ridden beard, the shifty eyes, the dime-store turban, the lousy videos, the camels, the Whitney Houston obsession," says World Ahead. "If the guy wasn't a grotesque mass murderer, he'd be a joke." And once it's published, some of the proceeds will go to the National Military Family Association.