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"I kind of like to look at the ranch on Google; reminds me of where I want to be sometimes."

President Bush, on his affection for using the Google Earth satellite mapping service on the Internet

"My pills are working really well right now."

Michael J. Fox, responding to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh,

who suggested Fox’s Parkinson-related tremors in a TV ad for SenateDemocratic candidates were because he was either off his medication oracting"No, I represent the people. You represent the media. You’re

supposed to be unbiased."

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, to a Boston Globe reporter who said he represented "the people" in a long question about highway tolls and state revenue

"I think they put Nixon to shame."

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton,

on the Bush administration's "abuse of power" on foreign-policy issues,the war in Iraq, and other issues during a Q&A session with gayactivistsSources: CNBC, AP, Boston Globe, Gay City News