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November 2006

Marie Antoinette Pelosi?

Looks like the Republicans in the House aren't planning to play nice-nice with the Democrats after all. The emerging House Republican plan on how to address the new Democratic majority is turning toward an aggressive effort to portray Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi and her team as out of touch and ...

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See, Washington Whispers Works

We just got an E-mail from our old pal Jeff Gulko, one of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's biggest fans. See, he set up a website to promote Richardson for president, we wrote about it, and now he's telling us about how the little squib resulted in a rush to his site. The lesson: Let Whispers know ...

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Bush Is Setting 'Big, Big' Agenda for '07

Senior administration officials are working on what one dubbed a "big, big" agenda the president plans to unveil at the start of the new year via the budget and State of the Union address.

Most of the issues have already been revealed, but what one insider said is new is just how hard the president ...

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And From Kansas: a Real Conservative

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback says he'll announce whether or not he's seeking the White House in '08 within a month, but it sounds to us like he's in. His calculus: None of the current crop of GOP presidential candidates have strong backing from religious conservatives who make up the party's base.

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A Governor Gears Up for a Hard Sell

Democratic White House aspirant and outgoing Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack tells us that when he formally declares his candidacy this week, his message to the nation will be that it's time for tough love. Exhibit A: weaning the United States off foreign oil. Vilsack helped boost the Hawkeye State's ethanol ...

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Poaching From the Post, and Others

The online news outlet that swiped the Washington Post's political editor and one of its top political reporters last week says it has more thieving to announce. Fred Ryan, president of Allbritton Communications, which owns the yet-to-be-named, yet-to-be-unveiled website, says new hires will be ...

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Stopping Hillary Before She Starts

She hasn't said she's running yet, but that's not stopping Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's foes from trying to keep her out of the White House with a new website, www.stophernow.com. Launched this week, the site features the animated Hillary Show, with new episodes planned for when Clinton makes ...

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Mapping Hell From the Stratosphere

Business is booming at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the government's chief mapmaker, which relies on imagery from spy satellites. Over the past year, we hear, the NGA printed 10.3 million maps

and charts and delivered 12 million images to military and intel agencies. The NGA has also ...

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Two Onetime Arkansans for '08?

Clintonites are whispering about a new dream ticket: Hillary Rodham Clinton/Wes Clark. The way they see it, Clinton is the celeb fundraiser who needs national security credentials. The former NATO commander has been promoting a federal "Department of Failed States" or "Department of Preventive ...

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"This was an ill-considered project."

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, upon scrapping plans for a book and TV special in which O. J. Simpson hypothesized on how he would have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

"I am not running for president...If the American people say I have to ...

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Picking Up Where Brown Left Off

social circuit. The other is a buttoneddownwhite Vermonter, an excitable but nerdymed school kind of guy. But there's somethingabout the similarities between the late Democratic NationalCommittee Chairman Ron Brown and current DNCboss, Howard Dean, that has folks talking--even Dean. "Mymodel is ...

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Why Not Impeach Bush? Dick Cheney

The degree to which the new

Democratic leadership onCapitol Hill despises VicePresident Dick Cheney is abig plus for President Bush.Consider why incomingSenate Majority LeaderHarry Reid scrapped an ideato impeach Bush: "Twowords: Dick Cheney," hesays, joking that it wouldvault the veep into the ...

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Globe-trotting to Iraq Hot Spots

The troops in Iraq are about

to get their hoops fix, thanks to the storied Harlem Globetrotters.The team of roundballmagicians departs November25, visiting Iraq aspart of a 21-day trip to 12bases in the Middle East. And,yes, owner Mannie Jackson andhis 10 stars will return in timefor the 193-city ...

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These Marines Forgive and Forget

It was party time for Sen.

John Kerry's staff and alumnifrom his 2004 presidentialcampaign last week at the Democrat's favorite CapitolHill hangout across fromthe U.S. Marine Corps Barracksand HQ when a groupof marines approached him.But they didn't scold him forrecently suggesting that themilitary ...

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Score One for the Airport Ziploc Rule

Kip Hawley is a rarity amongfederal execs: He relishesthe chance to experience their own onerous securityrules. While traveling, thehead of the TransportationSecurity Administration hasbeen looking to see if the newrule requiring that smallamounts of liquids be put inzip-top bags is a good one.With ...

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MSNBC, CNN Hop Democratic Wave

There's lots of buzz in the

cable TV world that havingDemocrats running Congresswill hurt Fox and helpMSNBC and CNN. It certainly looked like that electionnight when CNN won thekey viewership demographicof 25-to-54-year-olds."We're clearly the place togo for information," CNNboss Jon Klein tells ...

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From Red Meat to Haute Couture

The conservative American

Enterprise Institute hasscrapped its magazine andreplaced it with a newglossy, The American. Unlikethe think tank's old politicalrag, the jazzy new oneis all business and economics,six times per year. "Ourperspective," says editorJames Glassman, "is not partisan,but it is ...

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The Ragin' Cajun, Frothing Over '08

While he doesn't plan to join

up with any of the 2008presidential candidates,Clinton political adviserJames Carville is giddy withanticipation. "We'll havemore run in 2008 than we've ever had," he says. Carvillehas the primaries mappedout and predicts "larger thanlife" candidates will emerge.His ...

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Worse Than the White House Press

Former President Clinton is

probably rethinking justhow tough his White Housepress corps actually was.His office tells us that afterhe spoke in Mexico lastweek, reporters blocked hismotorcade, then kicked andpunched his security agents,prompting one to draw hisweapon and order them outof the way.

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Out Loud

"It's not a Brokeback Mountain situation."

Sen. Harry Reid, the incoming Democratic majority leader, on his friendly relationship with fellow Nevada Sen. John Ensign, a Republican

"Each one contained enough poison to kill the entire membership of the court."

Former Supreme Court Justice

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Globe-trotting the Middle East

It probably doesn't feel much like basketball season to the troops in Iraq and other hot Middle Eastern cities, but that should change right after Thanksgiving. Because that's when the fabled Harlem Globetrotters hit the area in a 21-day, 12-city tour with stops in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and ...

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T-Paw and Others You Need to Know

Those midterm elections Tuesday continue to help weed out and build up the list of candidates expected to run for president in 2008. Let's start with the growing list of big losers. You can add Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, who whined about the travel, and ...

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Why 'Macaca' Is a Good Word

At the risk of angering everybody happy to see another election season fizzle out, here's an idea for a new constitutional amendment: Hold midterm elections every year. That's right, instead of electing the House and a third of the Senate every two years, split it up so we have elections every ...

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When Capture and Trial Aren't Enough

Here's a rare chance to help write a new book and humiliate Enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden. World Ahead Publishing tells our Suzi Parker that it's collecting ideas for 101 Uses for Osama bin Laden. Until November 12, the conservative publisher is soliciting your ideas at usesforosama.com. While ...

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Yet Another Way to Predict Tuesday

It only makes sense that candidates who see lots of Internet searches are high in voters' minds, right? Well, Ask.com thinks so, and it's telling us that "query volume" is a great election predictor. The popular website checked out search data results last month in the top eight Senate races:

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Out Loud

"I kind of like to look at the ranch on Google; reminds me of where I want to be sometimes."

President Bush, on his affection for using the Google Earth satellite mapping service on the Internet

"My pills are working really well right now."

Michael J. Fox, responding to conservative radio ...

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