Dixie Chicks—or Chumps?

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The Dixie Chicks just won't fade away. First they're assailed after lead chick Natalie Maines tells a foreign crowd right as bombs are raining down on Iraq that she's embarrassed President Bush is from Texas. Then they try a do-over concert tour this year and find fewer fans in some cities, so they turn to Canadian towns to sing their new hits. Now they are bringing their woe-is-me tale to the silver screen with Shut Up and Sing. We've seen the trailer, and it's not bad, but exactly what you'd expect: The Dixie Chicks rule and Bush doesn't. Some love it; some don't.

It's getting a Washington screening this week at the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank that's becoming very influential in town. The center is run by our favorite amateur chef, John Podesta, the former chief of staff to the Clinton White House.

So will the movie rekindle the love country music fans had for the Dixie Chicks before Maines's rant? Or will it just spark a new hate campaign?

There's a joke that Bush must have Osama bin Laden on the payroll, since every time the prez gets in trouble with the war, the terrorist pops out another threatening video or audiotape that moves the country to back the White House. I'll bet that this new movie, out days before Election Day, has a similar effect.