When Doing Nothing Is Enough

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Bravo for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi when it comes to the GOP urging Congress to fix the House page issue by scrapping the historic program for good. Her position: Keep it and fix Congress's oversight of the 60 to 100 kids here each semester to work as congressional gofers. Insiders tell me that she's been pushing back hard on panicky Republicans who think the best way to wiggle out of the Mark Foley-page-E-mail scandal is to get rid of the kids.

"The program's not the problem; Congress's oversight is," she tells her aides. In fact, I'm told that her support for the program that attracts high school juniors from around the nation is one reason she told House Speaker Dennis Hastert to pound sand when he suggested that former FBI Director Louis Freeh investigate the program and system. Why, she asked, should the program be put under the spotlight when none of the pages did wrong?

Her response to the GOP hits on the program should buoy the legions of former pages campaigning to protect the program-and might even lead to a few more votes for Democratic House members in four weeks.