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Karyn McLaghlinWhen I ran into Karyn McLaughlin Frist at MSNBC studios, where she talked about her new book, Love You, Daddy Boy, she had just handed out a package of her tissues, all wrapped up in red just like the book. I had to get a picture, of course, and she complied with a nice smile. Frist says she had 1,000 made up–the minimum order–to give to those who inevitably tear up when reading the book. It's also a great piece of marketing: It includes the website address for the book:

The Former First Lady's LettersHere's that rare letter from JFK's widow asking author Jim Bishop not to publish The Day Kennedy Was Shot. It could bring over $7,000 at this weekend's auction. The Internet auctioneer, Alexander Autographs, has a great collection of political, criminal, sports, and Hollywood memorabilia for sale on Saturday and Sunday. Here's the site to bid:

A Governor's BookLeave it to a governor of Arkansas to be the first one in the 2008 presidential pack to pen a book. Doesn't Mike Huckabee look presidential?