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October 2006

Outed in a Correction

Here's a lousy way to be outed in the national media: a newspaper correction. But that's exactly what happened to Virginia Sen. George Allen's campaign communications guy thanks to the Los Angeles Times. Naturally, Allen's team is angry and the LAT says it did nothing wrong.

It all started with an ...

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9/11 Widower Ted Olson Back at the Altar

It's been a long five years for former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson. Sept. 11, 2001, was his 61st birthday, and a bad one: His wife, Barbara Olson, was on the 9/11 flight that slammed into the Pentagon. And while that's still in his mind, he's belatedly celebrating his 66th birthday this ...

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Posties Be Warned: Stay out of RoVa

Sorry, you snobs at the Washington Post, but this camo-wearing, gun-toting, deer-hunting, blackberry-growing, Cracker Barrel-loving (really good fried pork chops), reader is proud to be from RoVa!

You know you've done it—thrown your morning newspaper across the room in disgust. Well, I might have ...

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When Doing Nothing Is Enough

Bravo for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi when it comes to the GOP urging Congress to fix the House page issue by scrapping the historic program for good. Her position: Keep it and fix Congress's oversight of the 60 to 100 kids here each semester to work as congressional gofers. Insiders tell me ...

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Hey, Congress: The Pages Aren't at Fault!

We former House pages can see it coming. Instead of taking responsibility for their own weird or perverted actions against pages in the Rep. Mark Foley case, House leaders are going to take it out on the pages. It's happened before, and it's looking as if it will happen again. And former pages are ...

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Sex, Bubba, pages, and me

Is this getting weird or what? I'm starting to think I'm a real-life Forrest Gump. You know, the fictional character whom Hollywood put at most major recent events, especially scandals? Well, consider this:

I, too, was a House page, and guess what happened around my time in Washington? The Rep.

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