Tony Snow settling in

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It's been almost five months since Fox Radio's Tony Snow became President Bush's press secretary, and it seems he's settling in just fine. In fact he's become the face of the White House to some, which may explain why people gravitate toward him when the president is on the road. Like when Bush went to Shanksville, Pa., this month to memorialize those killed on United 93 on 9/11. There, the family of pilot Jason Dahl gave Snow a green memorial bracelet stamped with the words "Dahl Peacebuilder." He now wears it right beside his cancer survivor bracelet.

At a Christian Science Monitor newsmaker breakfast just two blocks from the White House today, Snow talked about that emotional moment and his brief tenure. The bottom line: He loves his job. "The most pleasant surprise is how much fun it's been," he says. While Snow says he sometimes feels like he's studying for a quiz, his reporting background is a plus because he knows what questions to ask top staffers so he can sound smart during his daily briefings.

"It makes the job fun," he says of quizzing aides for answers. He adds that he has an advantage previous press secretaries didn't have: Snow was a print, TV, and radio reporter, so he gets what each industry wants and how fast it needs it.

"I do think it helps," he says.