The Whispers pictures


I just realized that "Paullyblog" offers a chance to answer one pet peeve some have with Washington Whispers: Except for one large drawing, we don't run pictures or images of the people and things I write about. Well, gripe no more. On Mondays, I'll try to put up those images from the column. So let's start today with the Bush Sharpie, along with pictures of the glamorous actress and former House page Courtney Fine and the curvy cohost of the new Air America Radio drive-time show, The Young Turks.

This is a picture of the real Sharpie President Bush uses and gives away as gifts to insiders. Yeah, he even has one that is stamped "Camp David."

What's interesting about Courtney Fine, who brings her one-woman show Me2 to the Rayburn House Office Building this week, is how fast she climbed the ranks nine years ago when she was a 16-year-old House page. I know because I, too, was a House page, way back in the mid-1970s. In just one year, Fine went from a regular old message-delivery page to a House cloakroom page, which is near the top of the ranks. While regular pages simply run packages and letters between offices, those who get to work in the House chamber itself interact with lawmakers, a few of whom act as mentors. Seems that was the case for Fine, whose mentor has set up her Rayburn show. I recall that those who got the cloakroom job had been pages for well over a year–not Fine's case at all. But, she says, she took it a lot more seriously than the rest of us.

Finally, we Whispered about the Young Turks liberal radio talk show moving to Air America Radio and XM Satellite Radio today and how popular their calendar is featuring Jill Pike, pictured above. Her two male co-hosts say that her calendar is a big hit among guys, of course.