Wal-Mart shopping with Murtha


Big John Murtha, the House Democrat who made news by calling for troop withdrawals in Iraq, is back in the news again. This time he's calling for Pentagon chief Don Rumsfeld's resignation. Won't happen. But get this: Murtha says he's gained so much notoriety with his recent salvos at the president's war team that he can't walk through his Johnstown, Pa., Wal-Mart unrecognized anymore. Now when he buys his BVDs and Ban he's mobbed, mostly by friendly supporters. Over bacon and eggs at Washington's St. Regis Hotel recently, he says, "The public, man, they were ahead of us. When I go anyplace, they stop me in the airports; they stop me at Wal-Mart." He adds: "Hell, I used to be able to go to those places and nobody knew who the hell I was. Now, Christ Almighty, it's a different story."