Another win for techie Republicans

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You could say that the GOP tech machine is two-for-two this year. As in winning the 50th House District race in California earlier and yesterday helping embattled Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee, a liberal Republican, save his bacon in a primary challenge. GOP Political Director Mike DuHaime tells us that the margin of victory was the Republican program that found friendly voters and got to them to the polls to help Chafee. It's the same "microtargeting" technique that worked in California last summer and, most notably, in President Bush's re-election. And it's the same program Democrats are trying to copy. A Bushie tells me: "This is a huge deal going into November. If anyone doubts the effectiveness of the Republican ground game, look no further than the Ocean State." Read DuHaime's get-out-the-vote victory memo to party boss Ken Mehlman here.