Air America's young turks

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Starting Monday, I'm going to have to seriously consider getting XM Satellite Radio. That's because The Young Turks, the loudly liberal counter to the right-leaning presets on my Sirius Satellite Radio, are jumping ship to XM and taking their politics and entertainment show to Air America Radio where they'll own the very important morning drive time. It was just a few years ago when their spokeswoman called to promote the trio–Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Jill Pike–to us as the first talk show on Sirius. (Jill's the calendar babe.) Of course, at the time I'd never heard of satellite radio so Sirius had to send me one, and I've been renewing my subscription ever since. Anyway, the trio has gone from little-known talkers to big shots in radio and on the Internet. Love Air America or not, The Young Turks will soon be that network's headliners. On his recent Huffingtonpost blog, Uygur conceded that no matter how good the trio is, "our show will not save the world." But they'll sure shake it up. Check them out Monday.