Eerie 9/11 mixed with politics


alt="Remembering 9/11"> Washington's been weird today, considering that it's the fifth anniversary of 9/11. With the exception of a huge American flag on the Department of Labor and some local shows of patriotism like the little flags stuck in the ground outside the town hall where I live in little Purcellville, Va., there really hasn't been any spontaneous display of mourning around town outside of the staged events. In fact, a quick look finds more people wearing Washington Redskins shirts than yellow ribbons, a sign that the town is ready for some football and tonight's home game against the Vikings. And if anything says the city's moved past 9/11, it was probably the Democratic National Committee's soliciting downtown on M Street across from the nudie clubs between 18th Street and 19th Street. I ran into a perky solicitor dressed in a blue DNC shirt and she 'fessed after her pitch that she expected some nasty comments for seeking donations on the 9/11 anniversary. But, she said, "You're the first one to even raise the anniversary."