Paul: Benghazi should prevent Clinton from office

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Sen. Rand Paul said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's response to the deadly attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya last fall should prevent her from ever holding public office again.

The Kentucky Republican made the remark last week in a speech to the Missouri Republican Party, which just released a full video of his address in a fundraising appeal Tuesday morning.

During a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing earlier this year, Paul told Clinton that he would have relieved her of her position because she didn't read the cable communications requesting additional help and security in Libya.

But in this speech in St. Louis, Paul indicated he would go one step further.

"I think her dereliction of duty and her lack of leadership should preclude her from holding any office," he said to raucous thunderclaps.

Benghazi will be back in the spotlight Wednesday when three State Department "whistleblowers" are scheduled to testify on Capitol Hill about the government's handling of the Sept. 11 attack.

"I don't think she should read every cable.  Maybe from Estonia and Bulgaria an assistant should read it.  But from one of the five most dangerous countries in the world, there's no excuse for her not reading the cables," Paul argued in St. Louis.

Back in the January hearing, Clinton noted the State Department receives an estimated 1.4 million cables a year.  "That cable did not come to my attention," she said.