A new phase for The Run 2016

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I launched The Run 2016 last March with a healthy amount of earnestness, a bit of trepidation and fortunately, a bundle of support from friends, family and politicos, whose encouragement and advice became indispensable as I navigated this endeavor.

While it was no doubt an experiment open to improvisation, the central idea was to create a one-stop-shop for the most important early machinations in the already developing race for the White House.  A mix of crucial news bits, counterintuitive analysis and original on-the-ground reportage were always the goals.

It also became a whirlwind learning experience in web design, server size (thanks Drudge!), email marketing, advertising and how to monetize journalism (gratzi Yellowhammer!) -- most of which I knew next to nothing about ten months ago.  (Luckily, I have exceptionally smart friends in these areas who helped right the ship or took over steering completely at times.)  For most of these quandaries, I owe a debt of gratitude to my graduate school compadre Tim Baier, who runs Spiracle Media out of Charlotte.  The site and its accomplishments wouldn't have been possible without his dedicated counsel.

I was also fortunate to establish fruitful partnerships with local outlets that found the content valuable and even departed Washington, D.C.  last spring to do my work in South Carolina, an early primary state that just so happened boast beaches, tank top temperatures in December and a lively coastal city jem called Charleston.

It's been a lovely respite.

But another goal of The RUN  2016 has always been to increase its visibility and get it before the widest possible audience and this next phase will undoubtedly accomplish that.

Therefore the news here, alas, is that I've sold The RUN 2016 to U.S. News & World Report, a venerable media outlet that I believe will only help enhance and improve the website I founded.  Nonetheless, I'll still be intricately involved in The RUN's future, as I will also become senior politics writer for U.S. News and continue to be the lead contributor to The RUN 2016 as it settles into its new home.

This new endeavor also entails me moving out of South Carolina and back to D.C., a prospect that's certainly bittersweet.

So beginning on a date-yet-to-be-determined next month, The RUN 2016 will be housed under the U.S. News banner, and its look and design will be altered -- but the mission will remain the same.

I'm pretty excited about this new phase for The RUN and for the opportunity at U.S. News, where I'll work under Brian Kelly and Tim Smart to cover 2014 politics as well as, obviously, the 2016 presidential race.

My start date there is Feb. 3, but the full transition of the site will likely take a bit longer.

I'll certainly keep you abreast of the timeline, but for now, you know where to reach me.

Thanks so much for your readership and support and helping make this big stride for The RUN happen.