Christie gets flogged: 8 rough reactions

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Through original reporting and compilation, The RUN puts together a list of the most emphatic reactions to Gov. Chris Christie's decision to hold an October special election to fill the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg's seat just weeks before his own re-election, all while passing on the option to appoint a GOP placeholder until November 2014.

  1. Jamie Johnson, Iowa State Central GOP Committee: "Iowa Republicans do not like him.  They see him as a sell-out to Obama.  So his decision to not use his constitutional power to appoint a Republican to fill the vacated U.S. Senate seat, although perhaps cowardly, will not affect his chances in Iowa either way.  He absolutely has no chance of winning the [2016] GOP nomination."
  2. Steve Deace, conservative Iowa radio show host: "Chris Christie is toast in a national Republican primary.  Toast.  He's the poster-child for what the GOP establishment wants to do to this party, which is offend no one except their own base.  This decision, which is nothing more than an obvious attempt at political triangulation, just reinforces that.  There's a better chance he'll be Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016 than he'll be the Republican nominee."
  3. Craig Robinson, The Iowa Republican: "It has hurt any aspirations he has in running for president in 2016.  The national media and New Jersey Democrats may view him as a bipartisan figure, but Republican presidential primary voters think otherwise.  To me, Gov. Christie seems like a politician that is overly focused on getting re-elected and nothing more."
  4. GOP lobbyist with New Jersey ties:  "You would think a guy with his lead would think about what's best for his team, his party, but no sir, not him.  Hearing Dem legislators might be able to block funding for the expensive special."
  5. New Jersey Democratic operative:  "[Barbara] Buono, the NRSC, Reps. Pallone and Holt (and arguably the taxpayers of New Jersey) are screwed, but everyone else benefits -- Cory Booker, the DSCC, the Christiecrats in the legislature and party leaders who don't care about the Buono race.  Senate President Sweeney does not give a shit about Buono, I doubt he will protest the October special."
  6. Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey on CNN:  "I put it down as debilitating stupidity because the first rule of politics is, don't lose the friends you already have for the friends you're never going to get."
  7. Senior Republican official to National Journal: "I think this ends his 2016 chances. It's year after year with this guy."
  8. New Jersey Democratic Sen. Richard Codey: "The decision by Gov. Christie to hold a special election in October instead of November is mind boggling in every rational way.  It's as if he gave the residents of this state the finger and that finger will cost $24 million.  Instead of holding an expensive special election that tries to protect the governor's political vulnerabilities, the voters should have the opportunity to have their say in the regular election in November."