Video: Norman Augustine on the STEM Crisis

The former CEO of Lockheed Martin discusses America's education crisis.

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In advance of U.S. News's STEM Solutions Summit in Dallas Wednesday through Friday, Editor Brian Kelly sat down with Norman Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed Martin, to talk about the education crisis in America.

Augustine rang alarm bells in 2005 with the publication of Rising Above the Gathering Storm, a paper by the National Academy of Sciences that said if the United States didn't improve its math and science achievement, the country would fall behind its global competitors.

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Augustine told Kelly that over the past few years, achievement has stagnated, but hasn't faltered.

"With an enormous amount of effort, we've stayed about the same," he said. "The problem is everyone else has gotten better faster."

Watch the full video for Augstine's thoughts on harnessing the free market to improve education, solutions to the crisis, and why a "Sputnik moment" is needed to wake up America. Next week, follow full coverage of the summit in this blog.