Obama's Plea to the Press: Give STEM Attention

President Obama says the media has spent too much time focusing on inconsequential topics.


Tuesday, President Obama hosted more than 100 student science fair winners from around the country at the White House. He used the chance to announce a host of new science and math education initiatives, but he also made a "special plea" to the press: This stuff is important. Spread the word.

"This is the kind of stuff—what these young people are doing is going to make a bigger difference to our country over the long term than anything," he said. "It doesn't just belong on the back pages of a newspaper. You've got to lift this up."

Obama seemed to take a shot at moderators of the Republican presidential debates, who have asked questions about Newt Gingrich's request for an open marriage and Mitt Romney's tax returns.

"This is what we should be focusing on in our public debates," he said. "We have to emphasize how important this is and recognize these young people who are doing things I couldn't even imagine doing in fifth grade or eighth grade or high school. Pay attention to this."

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