Innovate+Educate Launches STEM E-Magazine

U.S. News Partners Innovate+Educate launched the first issue of their new STEM E-zine.

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Today, U.S. News partners Innovate+Educate launched the first issue of their quarterly e-zine dedicated to STEM, The Innovation Intake.

Gracing the cover is U.S. News Editor Brian Kelly. In an interview with the magazine, Kelly says that "STEM is the key to the next generation economy and whether America will prosper or not. It's about understanding why we need to shift our education and job training to adapt to an increasingly technological world."

Kelly says that the skills gap--the fact that there are 3 million open jobs requiring STEM skills and more than 10 million Americans looking for work--is an "economic anomaly and a human tragedy."

This issue includes features on Air Force General Ben Robinson, who dropped out of college before joining the military, and the late Jack Johnston, an Innovate+Educate board member who was killed in June, 2011 in a car accident. It also has policy pieces about the widening achievement gap and an update on Congressional action on STEM policies.

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