Google Awards Grants to 16 STEM Organizations

The search giant says donations will support 3 million kids studying STEM.

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This morning Google announced it is donating $40 million to groups that support STEM education, girls' education, access to technology, and oppose human trafficking.

Sixteen STEM organizations will receive a total of $14.7 million, including the Tech Museum of Innovation, the D.C. Public Education Fund, Girl Scouts of Northern California, and the Computer History Museum. Google says the donations will support more than 3 million kids.

Nine of the 16 organizations operate in the United States.

Shona Brown, senior vice president of, the philanthropic arm of Google, wrote in a blog post that the latest round of donations brings their annual giving to $115 million.

"I'm inspired by this year's grantees and look forward to seeing their world-changing work in 2012," she wrote.

Here are the STEM organizations Google is supporting:

  • Platform Bèta Techniek
  • Bletchley Park Trust
  • Citizen Schools
  • Computer History Museum
  • Concord Consortium
  • D.C. Public Education Fund
  • Generating Genius
  • Girl Scouts of Northern California
  • Girlstart
  • MateFitness
  • Roberta Initiative
  • Robin Hood
  • Teach For All
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Science Gallery
  • World Wide Workshop
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