House Bill Could Cut Federal STEM Spending

A bill introduced by the House Appropriations Committee would cut a teacher training program.

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A budget bill introduced today by the House Appropriations Committee would cut $175 million in federal math and science spending.

The $153.4 billion Labor, Health and Human Services Funding Bill would cut overall spending in those areas by $4 billion.

"The bill takes decisive action to cut duplicative, inefficient, and wasteful spending," House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers said in a statement. Overall, the bill would cut education spending by $2.4 billion.

Among the cuts: the $175 million Mathematics and Science Partnerships program, which is designed to improve the quality of math and science teachers by partnering them with working scientists to improve content knowledge.

Currently, about 30 percent of chemistry and physics teachers in public high schools don't have majors in those fields and don't have a certificate to teach those subjects.

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