D.C., Maryland and Washington State Hold Highest Concentration of STEM Jobs

A new report details which states have seen the most job growth in STEM-related fields.

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STEM-related job growth is booming in Washington, D.C., Washington, Virginia and Maryland, according to a new analysis by EMSI, an employment data company.

Those places have the highest concentration of STEM-related workers per capita. Between 2001 and 2011, the number of jobs in STEM-related fields in Washington, D.C. grew 13,758, an 11 percent increase. The firm estimates that there are more than 8 million STEM-related jobs in the U.S.,, 3.7 percent more than in 2001.

California, with more than 1 million workers in STEM-related fields, is still the nation's leader in the industry. Over the past decade, however, the state lost more than 19,000 STEM jobs as the dot-com bubble burst and the recession hit.

Tennessee, Nevada, and Mississippi had the fewest relative concentration of STEM workers, compared to the national average.

EMSI estimates that men hold nearly 75 percent of all STEM-related jobs, and that 20 percent of the STEM workforce is 55 or older.

For a more detailed look at the numbers, check out EMSI analyst Joshua Wright's article at newgeography.com.

States With the Most STEM Job Growth (2001-2011)
StateSTEM Job Change (2001-2011)Percentage Change (2001-2011)Wyoming2,83926%Washington, D.C.13,75820%Nevada6,58019%Utah11,96918%Virginia47,72817% 

States With the Least STEM Job Growth (2001-2011)StateSTEM Job Change (2001-2011)Percentage Change (2001-2011)Michigan-52,084-17%Delaware-4,459-14%Illinois-17,404-5%Kansas-2,818-4%Massachusetts-9,569-3% Have something to share? Send news and submissions to stem@usnews.com.