Recent High School Grads Wish They Had Taken More STEM Classes

According to a College Board survey, students regret not challenging themselves in high school.


Recent high school graduates wish they had taken harder math and science courses, according to a survey released today by the College Board.

Nearly half of the 1,507 2010 high school graduates surveyed say they should have taken different classes in high school. Among those students, 40 percent say they wish they had taken more math courses, while a third wish they had taken more science courses. A quarter wishes they had taken a course that taught them research skills.

A quarter of students who went on to college had to take at least one remedial course during their freshman year because their high school courses didn't adequately prepare them for college work.

Students who did challenge themselves found that it was worth it—among the 39 percent of 2010 graduates who took Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses, an overwhelming majority say those courses were more difficult, more worthwhile, and more interesting than normal coursework.

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