National Science Foundation Donates $2.9 Million to Study STEM Teacher Preparation

The National Science Foundation has donated $2.9 million to study how STEM teachers are trained.

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The National Science Foundation has donated $2.9 million to Western Washington University to study the importance of the university's elementary science teacher preparation program.

The five-year study will follow students at the university who are preparing to become K-6 science teachers and will continue to follow them as they get their first teaching jobs. Researchers at the university hope that by following teachers into their first jobs, they will be able to pinpoint specific program elements that need improvement or that are working well.

"This research promises to improve the quality of teacher preparation at Western and across the country," Chris Ohana, principal investigator of science, math, and technology at the university, said in a statement. To learn more about the study's goals, check out the press release.

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