Rick Newman

October 2011

5 Good Ideas from 4 GOP Economic Plans

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Some dubious notions have burbled up from the GOP presidential campaign. Herman Cain wants to replace the entire U.S. tax code with a scheme that he and a couple of pals sketched out one day. Ron Paul would cut government spending so deeply that it would instantly induce a recession. Rick Perry has ...

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2012 presidential election
Romney, Mitt
Republican Party
Perry, Rick
Cain, Herman
Paul, Ron

Where Steve Jobs Ranks Among the Greats

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He was indisputably a titan of the digital era. But how does Steve Jobs stack up against the greatest business leaders in American history?

We won’t really know for years, of course, since nobody’s sure where technology will lead or what his company, Apple, may still achieve. But Steve Jobs was ...

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Jobs, Steve
Apple Inc.

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