The Candidates and the Issues: Married Women Versus Unmarried Women

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A poll set for release on Tuesday shows a "significant gap" between how married and unmarried women view the presidential candidates, the issues, and "the choices America faces." The survey, by Democratic pollsters Stan and Anna Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, reveals that economic issues are important to both groups of women—but that unmarried women are saying that they are not hearing "their real-life" needs addressed, including pay equity, a higher minimum wage, and paid family leave. The pollsters say that the population of unmarried women is now equal to that of married women (about 53 million and 26 percent of the electorate), but in the past they have been far less likely to vote than their married counterparts. However, this year, the poll shows, unmarried women are likely to close that voting gap. The "Women's Voices" poll is sponsored by the Women's Voices, Women Vote Action Fund.

—Liz Halloran