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December 2007

RNC to Move Quickly Against Dem Pick

The Republican National Committee under Chairman Mike Duncan is quietly making plans to zero in on the Democratic presidential nominee as soon as possible next year.

GOP strategists have concluded that there's a good chance the Democrats will settle on their nominee in January. But the Republican ...

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Duncan, Michael
Democratic Party

Congress Watch: Much to Do

Members of Congress and the president have debated, disputed, and dragged their feet over the federal budget for months. And as Christmas and the new year approach, they still have quite a lot of work to do this week before packing up for the holidays.

Democrats have been counting on the president's ...

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Senator Fights NYC Air War

With the Transportation Department set to announce on Wednesday new flight caps on New York area airports as a way to ease congestion and curb delays, New Jersey's Sen. Frank Lautenberg is raising concerns that the effect will be hard on Newark International, which may have to pick up the slack.

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Lautenberg, Frank
New Jersey
New York

Obama Now on GOP Radar

Republican strategists are taking Barack Obama more seriously in the wake of his impressive performance at yesterday's Democratic presidential debate in Iowa and amid his surge in support among prospective caucusgoers there.

GOP veterans of past campaigns are, in fact, updating their detailed ...

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Obama, Barack
Clinton, Hillary
Republican Party

Bush's New Techniques for Mastering the Press

President Bush is more confident than ever of his ability to master the White House press corps, partly because his staff has developed some fresh techniques for outwitting his journalistic adversaries. Take press conferences, for example.

Bush advisers acknowledge that the media often aren't ...

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Bush, George W.

States Seek More Energy Aid

With households facing a winter of record high heating costs, state energy officials from across the country were in Washington today urging Congress to increase funding for energy assistance improvements to homes and for assistance to low-income families having trouble paying utility bills.

The ...

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Russian Journalist's Release Is Sought

Reporters Without Borders on Thursday called for the immediate release of journalist Andrei Novikov, an online reporter for Chechenpress, the news agency of the Chechen government in exile, who was arrested a year ago and has been held against his will in a psychiatric hospital since February 14.

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Drama Builds for Romney Speech

The drama is building as Mitt Romney prepares for his big speech on religion Thursday morning in Texas. Most Washington insiders seem to agree that the address is Romney's biggest gamble to date in his Republican presidential campaign.

On the one hand, his bid has run into trouble in Iowa, where his ...

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