Gonzales Passes Potter in Blog Traffic

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Alberto Gonzales toppled Harry Potter yesterday as the most-discussed person in the blogosphere, officially dethroning the fictional boy wizard after a three-month streak in which he was the unchallenged king of blogs.

While it may seem trivial, these rankings, which are calculated by Nielsen's BuzzMetrics software and posted daily on BlogPulse.com, offer a snapshot of the competing interests of politics and pop culture online.

The top 10 list at Blog Pulse routinely contains a mixture of political figures, Hollywood starlets, sports icons, and fictional characters. Even while critics bemoan the general dominance of pop culture in today's consciousness, the blogosphere still appears to be a place where Michael Chertoff (yesterday's No. 6) can give Brittney Spears (No. 8) a run for her money.

Around the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter book, the boy wizard was posting stratospheric numbers on the blogosphere,  getting a mention in an unheard-of 3.5 percent of all posts.

--Chris Wilson