U.S. Gets Low Global Grades

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The message behind the thousands of numbers released this afternoon in the Pew Global Attitudes survey isn’t very difficult to divine: In the past five years, the view of the United States has become increasingly less favorable throughout most parts of the world.

Of the 33 nations where trends were available between 2002 and 2007, 26 now report less favorable attitudes toward the United States, while six developed more favorable views and two remained largely unchanged. Those gains largely took the form of modest growth in image in several African countries, South Korea , and Lebanon .

The slide in popularity was particularly evident among the other seven nations that make up the G-8, all of which saw a decline in American favorability ratings:

Country            2002        2007        Change

Germany            60%        30%            -30

Britain                 75           51                 -24

France                62           39                 -23

Russia               61            41                 -20

Italy                     70            53                 -17

Canada             72           55                 -17

Japan                72            61                 -11

The full report is available at the Pew website (pdf).