Morning Buzz: June 1, 2007


This morning's top stories:

  • The Lebanese Army has bolstered its military presence around a refugee camp where Fatah Islam militants have held on against the siege for nearly two weeks.
  • A video of a British journalist from the BBC who was kidnapped while covering the Palestinian territories surfaced on an Islamist website, more than three months since he was last seen.
  • Meanwhile, a record 12 journalists were killed in Iraq in May, leading the watchdog group Reporters Without Borders to demand an investigation.
  • White House lawyers have directed the Secret Service to keep the president and vice president's visitor logs secret, claiming that they are presidential records and exempt from public disclosure.
  • Biologist James Watson, part of the team that discovered the structure of DNA over 50 years ago, has become the first human to receive a complete map of his genome, including the genetic diseases to which he is predisposed.