Luring Presidential Wannabes to Your Hometown


Which presidential candidate would you want to see in your hometown?

Today users of the website are saying Texas Rep. Ron Paul, no surprise given the candidate's surprisingly vocal support on the Internet.

The website, which allows users to demand that performers come to their cities, is gaining traction among political candidates and political junkies alike, and is beginning to play a role in deciding where candidates appear on the campaign trail. So far, Paul's popularity on the site has translated into an extra stop in Los Angeles, where the congressman received 420 demands overall from users in that area.

Sen. Barack Obama's campaign has also used the site as a communications tool, letting users know when the senator will be appearing in their areas, according to CEO Jordan Glazier. comes as another tool for candidates to gain support on the Web. The difference, Glazier says, is that unlike popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, his site directly translates "online passion into real world activity."

Below is a list of how many requests each candidate appearing on the site has garnered:

--Nikki Schwab

Barack Obama--21,939 people in 1,140 places

Ron Paul--10,668 people in 793 places

Hillary Clinton--5,750 people in 605 places

John Edwards--2,388 people in 386 places

Mike Gravel--728 people in 163 places

Rudy Giuliani--174 people in 64 places

Mike Huckabee-143 people in 58 places

John McCain--113 people in 51 places

Fred Thompson--109 people in 58 places

Mitt Romney--65 people in 22 places

Dennis Kucinich--61 people in 23 places

Jim Gilmore--49 people in 29 places

Bill Richardson--28 people in 16 places

Sam Brownback--25 people in 18 places

Joe Biden--11 people in seven places

Tom Tancredo--four people in three places

Chris Dodd--zero people in zero places