Mueller Says FBI Moved in N.J. Case After Long Surveillance

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FBI Director Robert Mueller today said that the agency watched six New Jersey men suspected of plotting against Fort Dix in New Jersey for several months in order to soak up all the intelligence possible.

Instead of moving in when it first discovered the clan of suspected terrorists, Mueller told reporters that the FBI wanted to watch them instead and see how they planned the alleged attack, who they allegedly plotted with, and where their alleged funds came from.

Mueller explained: "We have to exploit from the intelligence point of view as long as we can to determine whether there are ties overseas, to determine whether other conspirators are out there that we are unaware of, where they are getting their weapons, and where they are getting their financing and the like."

He said the trigger in the case against the six suspected Islamic radicals was when it appeared they were prepared to allegedly purchase foreign weapons from sources the FBI had no connection with.

--Paul Bedard