Latest Developments From Virginia Tech

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U.S. News's Online News Editor Jay Keller compiled the most recent news on Monday's horrific shooting at Virginia Tech.

NBC News's decision to air some of the video and pictures sent by Cho Seung-Hui to NBC has had immediate repercussions today, with family members of victims canceling plans to appear on camera. On NBC's "Today" show, host Meredith Vieira said the decision to air the information "was not taken lightly." Some victims' relatives canceled their plans to speak with NBC because they were upset over the airing of the images, she said.

The chilling images of the gunman aired on Wednesday night further silenced Blacksburg.

"It's just as he planned," Heather Brennan, a master's student who watched the report in the campus student center, tells the Associated Press. "He knew exactly what he wanted to do and he did it."

Aside from the killer's attempt to reach out from the grave, new developments on his family background begin to emerge. As a boy, Cho troubled his parents because of speech difficulties, a newspaper in South Korea reported on Thursday.

The Associated Press has also learned that Sun-Kyung Cho, the gunman's sister, is employed by the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office.