Morning Buzz: March 30, 2007

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This morning's top items:

  • One of the 15 British sailors detained by Iran last week in the Persian Gulf appeared on Tehran's state-run television station today to apologize for trespassing. British officials denounced the appearance as propaganda, saying it was coerced.
  • Attorney General Alberto Gonzales signed off on the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, his former chief of staff told lawmakers yesterday under oath. (Video below)
  • New research about the function of the brain may help treat attention deficit disorder, according to scientists from MIT.
  • A senior Russian lawmaker has proposed changing the Constitution, in a move that might allow President Vladimir Putin to stay in power longer.
  • Plans to create an Internet domain specifically for pornographic websites have been rejected.
  • With former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani making his leadership after the 9/11 terrorist attacks central to his presidential bid, criticisms of his response to the attacks are getting a second wind.
  • Coming up: Could half the country vote in presidential primaries on the same day in 2008? See what U.S. News reporter Dan Gilgoff has to say about it.