Morning Buzz: March 27, 2007


This morning's top stories:

  • Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's former top aide, Kyle Sampson, is expected to say that the attorney general was aware of what was going on with the firing of eight U.S. attorneys when Sampson testifies before Congress on Thursday, U.S. News has learned. Gonzales has denied knowledge of the firings.
  • Meanwhile, the Justice Department liaison to the White House, Monica Goodling, announced Monday that she plans to take the Fifth Amendment before the Senate Judiciary Committee to avoid self-incrimination in the case of the fired U.S. attorneys.
  • Israeli and Palestinian leaders have agreed to meet every two weeks, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced this morning, after a diplomatic swing through the Middle East centered around the power-sharing plan and its impact on a peace deal . U.S. News & World Report's Thomas Omestad, who's traveling with the secretary of state, will have more details today.
  • An Australian man detained at Guantanamo Bay has become the first detainee at the controversial facility to plead guilty to charges.
  • Geologists and archaeologists in Greece are setting out to locate the legendary island of Ithaca, home to Odysseus in the poet Homer's epic, which may have merged with other land masses.
  • Three Americans have set new swimming records in Australia, the AP reports.