U.S. News Statement on College Rankings

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In response to an op-ed in Sunday's Washington Post that questioned the methodology of the U.S. News college ranking system, the magazine has released this statement:

"In a March 11 op-ed in the Washington Post, the president of Sarah Lawrence College, Michele Tolela Myers, expressed concern about how the college's decision to eliminate SAT scores from its application process would affect the college's ranking in upcoming editions of America's Best Colleges, published annually by U.S.News & World Report. The op-ed stated that U.S. News had decided on an approach to this situation, when in reality, we have not yet done so.

"Sarah Lawrence's decision is unique, and the magazine's handling of it is still under consideration. Some colleges have made SAT or ACT scores optional in the admissions process, but to our knowledge, no other major college has decided to disregard them completely.

"Our rankings are painstakingly tabulated, using the best data available. U.S. News data researchers regularly participate in briefings and conferences where the most complicated nuances of the process are discussed with the ranked institutions. We regularly adjust to changes in the educational environment, and we plan to address this circumstance in a similar manner."