Some See Clinton's JFK Comment as Aimed at Obama


This item comes to us from White House Correspondent Kenneth T. Walsh:

Some Democratic strategists are buzzing about Hillary Clinton's latest zinger, seemingly thrown at Barack Obama.

It happened over the weekend as Clinton was campaigning in Nashua, N.H. At the state party's annual fundraiser, she compared herself to John F. Kennedy and his effort to overcome perceptions that a Catholic could never win the presidency in 1960.

"A lot of people back then said, you know, America will never elect a Catholic as a president, but those who gathered here a half century ago knew better," she said. "And today, some people tell me ...'I don't think a woman can be elected president.' I say we'll never know unless we try."

While to the untrained ear this might sound like innocent political speak, some Democratic strategists consider this an effort by Clinton to elbow her way into a theme that Obama has promoted across the country -- that he is the true heir of Jack Kennedy as he attempts to be elected the first African American president and overcome perceptions that a Black candidate cannot be elected in 2008.

"The Hillary folks seem to be more worried about Obama at this point than we thought," said a senior Democratic Strategist.

Video: Clinton in New Hampshire (YouTube)

Plus, any coverage of a comparison to Kennedy is obligated to reference an earlier attempt at doing so during the 1988 vice presidential debate that made instant history. Once again, YouTube has the video.

Lloyd Benson and Dan Quayle, 1988