Chasing Ghosts in Iraq


As promised, here's fresh video from Iraq, where U.S. News reporter Alex Kingsbury accompanied soldiers on a manhunt south of Baghdad. Here's an excerpt from Kingsbury's article in this week's magazine:

"But uncertainty, it seems, is the one thing these soldiers can count on," Kingsbury writes. "... A few minutes later, a call comes through that strikes dread in everyone: A Stryker up ahead has been hit by an improvised explosive device. Soldiers curse, then go silent. Their eyes turn with nervous anticipation to the radio as if it's a television, and after a moment, the news is reassuring. 'IED detonated, no casualties,' says Capt. Stephen Phillips, the commander of Charlie Company. 'Repeat, no casualties.' "

More video from Iraq:

The trouble fate of a monument in Baghdad.

A school goes up.

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