On the Scene at the FBI


As we mentioned this morning, a report from the Office of the Inspector General for the Justice Department that was just declassified today has revealed frequent gaps in the FBI's reporting of its use of the U.S. Patriot Act to obtain private information, such as telephone and e-mail records, in national security cases. These requests are known as "national security letters." The full report is here.

U.S. News chief legal correspondent Chitra Ragavan is at a press conference being held by FBI director Robert S. Mueller, III and is reporting develpments to News Desk. Here are some highlights:

Mueller called the IG report "exceptional" and said that he is concerned about the lapses. "How could this happen and who should be held accountable?" Mueller asked. "The answer is I am to be held accountable." He said he is "committed" to fixing the problems.

However Mueller said National Security letters remain a crucial tool for the FBI. "Rarely a day goes by," Mueller said, ina terrorism case that "an NSL has not been used."

Mueller said there was "no discussion" about his resigning over this issue.

Video of Mueller here.

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