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February 2007

Guess the Anonymous Source

Nation/World editor Terry Atlas brings us this item:

Guess who? Take a look at this White House transcript of a "senior administration official" speaking to the press traveling with Vice President Cheney aboard Air Force Two. Who could it be?

It's common practice for high-ranking government ...

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From Baghdad: A School Goes Up

U.S. News reporter Alex Kingsbury is currently embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq. He sent us this video from a school where U.S. and Iraqi forces have been working for several months on a reconstruction project.

Stayed tuned for more from Kingsbury later today.

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Today on the Campaign Trail

Not too much campaign activity to report today. John McCain is in New York City to be honored by the Irish-American Republicans and appear on the Late Show With David Letterman. Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues a trek through New Hampshire.

Stay tuned as candidates gear up for a big push this weekend.

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Lott Will Drive the Hand That Feeds Him

We'll close out the day with this item from U.S. News' Marianne Lavelle:

Mississippi Republican Senator Trent Lott said this morning he's looking forward to driving a Toyota Highlander SUV. He was just one of a slew of politicians on hand in Tupelo to cheer the automaker's announcement that it will ...

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GOP Insiders Say 2008 Nomination Is Up For Grabs

U.S. News White House Correspondent Kenneth T. Walsh gives us this item on what senior GOP insiders think of the field of 2008 presidential hopefuls:

Republican insiders are updating their assessment of the strengths and weakness of their presidential front runners. Their verdict: No one has a lock ...

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Have Questions About the Jesus Tomb?

A new Discovery Channel documentary on a tomb in Jerusalem that may have once housed the body of Jesus has already caused a lot of stir well before its air date this Sunday. The Jerusalem Post has details here.

Have a question about the long quest for information about the historical Jesus?

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On the Trail Today

Here's a rundown of where some of the presidential candidates are taking to the stump today.

The Democrats

  • Sen. Joe Biden makes four stops in New Hampshire, holding two Town Hall meetings on Iraq (at Darmouth College and New England College) and speaking at a few community events.
  • John Edwards is in ...
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    Poll: In 2008, Age More Important Than Race, Gender

    A Washington Post-ABC News poll out this morning found that candidates over the age of 72 -- like, say, Sen. John McCain, who will turn 72 about a month before Election Day -- face a much larger handicap than those who are female or black. Candidates who are Mormon -- in other words,

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    Today on the Political Bulletin

    New from the U.S. News Political Bulletin:

    • The war in Iraq continues to confound policymakers in the Democratic Party, who are trying to forge a course that will unite a fractured caucus while appealing to the party's base of anti-war activists.
    • At a meeting of the National Governors Association ...
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      Morning Buzz: Feb. 27, 2007

      Here are the main items making the rounds this morning:

    • Vice President Dick Cheney on an unannounced visit to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan today when a suicide bomber attacked the outer of three checkpoints leading to the military installation, the AP reports. Cheney was unharmed by the blast,
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      Vilsack's Withdrawal Troubles Centrist Democrats

      U.S. News White House Correspondent Kenneth T. Walsh reports this item:

      Democratic centrists are deeply troubled by the withdrawal Friday of former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack from the presidential race. They see Vilsack's pullout -- which he blamed on the enormous difficulties of fund-raising and his ...

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      The 2008 presidential pool just got (slightly) larger

      U.S. News Whispers editor Paul Bedard sends us this item:

      A new presidential candidate is to join the race on Tuesday who will be running on only one issue -- health care for all children. The Children's Defense Fund tells U.S. News that they will be fielding little Susie Flynn tomorrow at a press ...

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      On the Trail: Feb. 26, 2007

      Here's a rundown of where some of the presidential candidates are taking to the stump today.

      The Democrats

      • John Edwards attends a fundraiser in Colts Neck, N.J.
      • Barack Obama makes two stops in Ohio: a fundraiser in Cincinnati and a rally in Highland Hills.

      • The Republicans

        • Sam Brownback holds a town ...
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          Morning Buzz: Feb. 26, 2007

          One of the two Iraqi vice presidents survived an assassination attempt this morning when explosives were detonated inside the office building in Baghdad where he was speaking, the AP reports. Ten people reportedly died in the blast, which knocked the Shiite leader, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to the ground ...

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          Welcome to the News Desk

          The News Desk at is a different kind of news blog. The Internet has made journalism a two-way street, and we're here to answer your questions about what's happening in the world with answers straight from our reporters on the ground.

          We'll be anchoring the blog live from the U.S. News ...

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