Afternoon Buzz: Markets Recovering, North Korea Complying (We Think)


Here are the hot stories making headlines this afternoon around the Web:

  • U.S. markets are recovering after a big plunge. As of the early afternoon, the Dow was up about 75 points after yesterday's 416-point dip.
  • Video: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke tells lawmakers that the situation is being monitored and appears to be under control.
  • North Korea appears to be complying with a recent agreement to shut down its main nuclear reactor in exchange for an initial load of fuel oil, but U.S. intelligence officials say they're still monitoring the situation closely.
  • Australian researchers have discovered 20 new species of sharks and rays in Indonesia, the AP reports.
  • Two Picassos--or maybe more--were stolen from the apartment of the artist's granddaughter.
  • A report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office says the military is unprepared for chemical or biological attacks.

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