Morning Buzz: Feb. 27, 2007


Here are the main items making the rounds this morning:

  • Vice President Dick Cheney on an unannounced visit to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan today when a suicide bomber attacked the outer of three checkpoints leading to the military installation, the AP reports. Cheney was unharmed by the blast, which occurred at a checkpoint well outside the base. The Taliban claimed responsibility and said the attack, which killed at least 14 people, was intended for Cheney.
  • U.S. and Iraqi troops stormed six homes in the Sadr City area of Baghdad, the base of Shiite militants in the Iraqi capital, arresting at least 16 people. This is the first major U.S. military operation in the area.
  • Two former Sudanese officials have been named in the International Criminal Court's nearly two-year investigation into crimes against humanity in the Darfur region of the country.
  • An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 53 percent of Americans now support a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq, the first time that figure has topped 50 percent.
  • Coming up: Another poll finds a declining influence of race and gender in presidential preferences. Plus: An expanding PR campaign by Senate Republicans and which candidates are hitting the campaign trail today. Stay tuned.