The 2008 presidential pool just got (slightly) larger


U.S. News Whispers editor Paul Bedard sends us this item:

A new presidential candidate is to join the race on Tuesday who will be running on only one issue -- health care for all children. The Children's Defense Fund tells U.S. News that they will be fielding little Susie Flynn tomorrow at a press conference.

"She may be young, but she knows her numbers," said a CDF official. "We can provide health insurance to all children in the United States for the equivalent of 16 days of military spending, three and a half months in Iraq or five and a half months of the tax cuts to the richest 1 percent," he added.

The CDR already has a website for Flynn, (though it's not active yet), and an ad campaign that promotes the effort to give health care to some 9 million children without health care.

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