Daily Poll: Overall, Giuliani, Obama are most favorable candidates


A Gallup poll released this morning found that, among major presidential candidates, Republican Rudy Giuliani and Democrat Barack Obama have the highest "net favorability" -- the percentage of people who rate the candidate as "favorable" minus those who rate him or her "unfavorable" -- among both all of respondents and just those who identified themselves as independents.

Within a candidate's own party, however, Hillary Clinton was the runaway winner among Democrats with 77 precent -- 87 percent favorable minus 10 percent "unfavorable." Giuliani led the Republicans with 70 percent.

poll 0226.gifThe other two Democrats listed in the poll, Obama and John Edwards, each had a high number of Democratic respondents say they had not formed an opinion on the men (24 and 22 percent, respectively), while only 10 percent of Republicans registered themselves as undecided for either Giuliani or John McCain.

The poll, conducted Feb. 9-11, surveyed 1,006 adults and carries a margin of error of 3 percentage points for the entire pool.

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