Afternoon Buzz: A dismissed juror and an offending Jesus documentary

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Here are the hot stories making headlines this afternoon around the Web:

  • One of the 12 jurors in the much-watched trial of former Cheney aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was dismissed today by Judge Reggie Walton, who sent the other 11 back to continue their deliberations. The juror, Walton said, was exposed to something over the weekend that disqualifies her from the jury, but he did not offer specifics. Jurors have been told to avoid media coverage of the trial.
  • The United Kingdom will soon deploy an additional 1,400 troops to Afghanistan, an announcement that comes on the heels of an announced withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
  • A forthcoming Discovery Channel documentary called "The Lost Tomb of Christ" is drawing fire from both archaeologists and church officials. The documentary suggests that Jesus--and possibly his family as well--were buried in southern Jerusalem, contradicting the story as told in the gospels.
  • During his surprise stopover in Pakistan en route to Afghanistan, Vice President Cheney sought the support of Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf in stepping up his country's push against the Taliban and al Qaeda. The New York Times reports that White House officials do not feel that Musharraf is living up to his promise to vigorously root out terrorists in Pakistan, particularly along the border.

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