Welcome to the News Desk


The News Desk at USNews.com is a different kind of news blog. The Internet has made journalism a two-way street, and we're here to answer your questions about what's happening in the world with answers straight from our reporters on the ground.

We'll be anchoring the blog live from the U.S. News headquarters in Washington, D.C., every weekday. And we won't just limit our reports to stories from our staff. We're going to bring you the best breaking news from across the Web, adding our original analysis and insight on top of the events of the day.

Below each post you will see a button that says "Ask a question." Give it a try. What doesn't seem clear about a story? What major questions have reporters not asked? Every afternoon we'll respond to a few readers' questions here on the blog.

As always, we're happy to receive feedback at newsblog@usnews.com. Thanks for reading.