Obamacare Deeply Divisive Issue

Many say it is President Obama's greatest achievement and also his greatest failure.

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Signing up for the Maryland state health exchange proved to be a dismal process.
Obamacare enrollees can take several steps to more easily navigate the complex health insurance market.

The Affordable Care Act--or Obamacare--is still deeply dividing the country three years after it was enacted.

The latest Gallup poll finds that 36 percent of Americans say the law is Obama's biggest failure, while 22 percent say it is his greatest achievement.

Seven percent say his greatest achievement was "getting troops home/ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 7 percent say it was "capturing Osama bin Laden," the terrorist leader who was killed in a U.S. raid ordered by President Obama.

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Nine percent say his biggest failure was "not working with Republicans," and 5 per cent say "lack of communication."

The partisan split goes deep. When Democrats are asked to name Obama's greatest achievement, 39 percent say it is the Affordable Care Act. But 40 percent of Republicans say he doesn't have a "greatest achievement."

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