Poll: Public Supports Obama on Iran Deal

Poll finds little support for using military force against Tehran.

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A plurality of Americans supports President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran and opposes the United States using military force against the Tehran regime if diplomacy fails, a new poll shows.

A Reuters/Ipsos survey finds that 44 percent of Americans back the deal between Iran and the United States and five other nations; 22 percent oppose it.

If the deal fails, 49 percent would want the United States to increase sanctions against Iran and 31 percent would favor more diplomatic efforts. Only 20 percent would favor U.S. military action against Iran.

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"This absolutely speaks to war fatigue, where the American appetite for intervention anywhere is extremely low," said Ipsos pollster Julia Clark in an analysis of the survey. "It could provide some support with Congress for the arguments being made by the administration."

The six-month deal calls for temporary restrictions on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for some reductions in economic sanctions.

President Obama says the agreement is a "first step" toward keeping Iran from making a nuclear weapon.

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